US patent No. 8,011,274 disclosed above 1,000 multi-speeds gearbox apparatus designs. One provides: (1) to increase speeds number without additional gears number, (2) to cut up to 80%motor volume of excessive energy is added in motor, (3) to reduce                       motor cost and side, (4) to improve driving                                        safety by cutting  time of wheels changing speeds and stopping but they save time more on higher speed,     (5) to improve        city road traffics                                                                                                         
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About Vladimir Abramov
 I have founded TransUNImission, Inc.(at Minnesota, USA) for developing methods of shift gearbox designs for vehicles and other machines. Today a revolutionary way is disclosed by over 1,000 gearbox apparatus designs in the U.S. Patents No. 8,011,274 at 09/06/2011 and 7,191,676 at 03/20/07 (total: 41claims) that save money for both customer and manufacture.
 I am MS in Mechanical Engineering. I am a graduate of the Polytechnic University of Moscow, Russia.
 I have extensive experience in both the practical and theoretical aspects of gearbox design and manufacture at Russian mega-giant shift gearbox manufacture over 18 years. I have designed and built transmissions are used in many industrial and agricultural applications. One gearbox design got highest evaluation by All-Union Machine- Building Institute of Moscow.
 Our company has plans to create the relationship with any entity, individuals for continue to research and development, integration, and/or commercialization of the proposed technology beyond the proposed effort by reducing manufacturing costs of gearbox apparatus and motor with only one speed is idle speed that saves energy or reduces emissions in over 2 times than existing designs. 
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Archimedes (circa 287-212) said: “Give me a point of support and I will turn around the Earth by a lever” more than two thousand years ago. 
  However the existing tradition is to focus only on the power of a motor to move vehicles because the use of levers, i.e., gears in a transmission, for moving vehicles is too unconventional. It is much easier to increase the power of an engine or motor by an additional number of cylinders or increased diameter and length of wire than to redesign a transmission to be the source of converting momentum into motion. 
  May be engine with increased diameter or number of cylinders more save energy? This is not true. The potato cannon use the basic principle behind any reciprocating internal combustion engine: In this case, the energy is translated into potato motion that stops after getting distant dependent to amount of energy. 
  There is Encyclopedia also proves: “…However, improvements in fuel efficiency achieved over the last 20 years have not been translated into improvements in fuel economy — much of the savings have been offset by the use of heavier and less-aerodynamic body styles (especially SUVs and pickup trucks) and the use of more-powerful engines”.  
  Maybe Archimedes is not relevant? This can be easily examined. A shift gearbox of nine shafts has a capability to increase the torque of motor up to 5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5=390,625 times. 
  Why conventional power systems also needlessly waste too much energy by huge motor power at the 21st century?
 There are two concepts are created more than 100 years ago when energy was inexpensive, much less number of customers and machines, low technical and public education level, limited communication.
  First is design where propulsion has large motor directly joined to working organ as wheel, propeller, and spindle etc. It ignores saving energy according to Physics Law of Level and reduces number of jobs that creates buyers for selling machines and economy growing.  
  The second design concept is the closed mechanical system as are propulsions of vehicles or other machines where transmission is used as the brake to the interior acceleration system of motor shaft. As practice has showed, up to 80% mechanical energy is wasted in form of motor heat as result of two opposite systems struggling. 
  Third concept of designs is the lightweight vehicle propulsion with motor powers that are increased up to 20 times according to their weights in comparison to the normal heavy-duty truck powers and weights. 
  And more, shift gearbox was replaced by two multi-clutch designs of torque converter and continuous variable but they got name “automatic transmission”.
  The crises of USA vehicles market have showed that manufactures ignore their quality designs based on the Physics Laws of Lever and Inertia for to save energy too long time. However, energy costs in the last five years have increased dramatically as and the number of environment disasters, technical progress, education of customers and global internet communication are increasing too at each year.
  Therefore, an extravagant energy and customer’s money waste are no longer. 
  Today a revolutionary way is disclosed by over 1,000 gearbox apparatus designs in the U.S. Patents No. 8,011,274 at 09/06/11 and 7,191,676 at 03/20/2007 (total: 41claims) that save money for both customer and manufacture. 
  Revolutionary technology provides creating propulsion comprising a cheapest motor of smaller power with one speed shaft connects to gearbox apparatus that has always reduced number of gears and maybe shafts in comparison to the existing design. 
  A customer returns back money by consuming less energy more than 2 times and will save time to get needed speed without acceleration of working organ from stop if he/she replaces the existing transmissions by state-of-the-art gearbox apparatus. 
  There the environment also will be dramatically improved by directly or indirectly (if electric motor) reducing emissions. In addition, the transmissions of existing machines have eleven disadvantages including vehicles maneuverability.
(see ). 
Please contact me if you are interested in licensing the patents and desire a relationship with me to develop gearbox apparatus–accelerator systems for existing vehicles, CNC machine tools, heavy-duty equipment and other power machines. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Vladimir Abramov, president,

TransUNImission, Inc., 13800 Community Drive #306, 
Burnsville, MN 55337, USA, tel. 612-226-2917,