US patent No. 8,011,274 disclosed above 1,000 multi-speeds gearbox apparatus designs. One provides: (1) to increase speeds number without additional gears number, (2) to cut up to 80%motor volume of excessive energy is added in motor, (3) to reduce                       motor cost and side, (4) to improve driving                                        safety by cutting  time of wheels changing speeds and stopping but they save time more on higher speed,     (5) to improve        city road traffics                                                                                                         
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​How stop climate changing that will destroy life on earth? There is Creator's idea of two cheapest ways that request few investment for startup. `They use shortest time for dramatically cutting a greenhouse gas emissions amount in the global because open opportunity to make advantage for both manufacture and consumers. 
FIRST WAY is to stop adding up to 80 % gas or electromagnet field of standard consumed motor to its physical volume for too slowly increasing motor shaft speed and reducing its standard highest torque in the same time. There is condition also to stop using the excessive size of existing motor that could be replaced by a motor with smaller power and cheapest costs. 
There Creator's simple idea to modernize if not replace the existing power plants, vehicles based on land, water, and air, heavy-duty equipment, CNC machine tools, conveyors and other machines and devices by cheapest state-of-the-art 1,000 multi-speed gear-transmission designs are created by unique technologies provide increasing number of speeds is decreasing number of gears. For example, one of the designs for heavy duty trucks produces 144 forward/72 reverse torques and overdrive speeds with 26 gears or 2 gears less than the conventional heavy-duty truck shift gearbox of 28 gears to cause 18 forward and 2 reverse through use of transmission overdrive speeds in placed of an acceleration system. There is two steps.
First, is stop adding up to 80% of steam, gas or electromagnetic field standard amount for the physical volume of heat, combustion or electric motor by the interior acceleration system that is eliminated. From other hand, it is stop ignoring the physics law of reducing the turbine or motor shaft highest standard torque when additional or excessive energy increases least their shaft speed
 Second, since highest torque is used permanently we can replace the existing motor size by dramatically smaller size of motor with cheapest parts material that works in reduced heat condition.

  This transmission may be mechanical, electronic or a blend of both.When used with electric and hybrid vehicles, similar vehicle performance is achieved with smaller batteries. It is further discussed in U.S. Pat. No. 8,011,274 issued September 6, 2011 with a legal life through February 2029.  
The patent describes transmissions connected by at least one drive shaft to motors. The transmission or shift gearbox includes (1) at least two independent shafts, (2) at least one output shaft, and (3) dramatically fewer number of gearsets with gear ratios selected from a faltering geometric sequence and arranged to provide a sufficient number of torques and overdrive speeds to the output shaft to satisfactorily operate a vehicle.
 Elimination if not reduction of the use of an acceleration system: (1) cuts additional gas or electromagnet field consumption by up to 80%, (2) significantly reduces the size and costs of the motor with the shaft highest torque is unchanged needed to move a vehicle from an static position to chosen speed by transmission, (3) cuts also additional motor energy consumption and heat as a result of conventional use of transmission to second brake the excessive acceleration, (4) significantly cuts electromagnet field or gas acceleration time of the vehicle by shortest acceleration time of realizing the wheel brake pedal, (5) lowers the heat and power generated by the transmission and motor combination to less than 30% of that used  a similar conventional transmission and (6) significantly reduced cost of electricity by eliminating fossil fuel, water in cheapest state-of-the-art mechanical system that includes a electric motor with battery is charged by renewal energy technologies It is cheapest way to protect environment from 100 emissions.

  Thus, conventional ranges of vehicle driving wheels speeds and torques can be achieved more quickly by realizing the wheels brakes pedal and using significantly increased speeds number of transmission with reduced number of gears that increases/reduces the standard or idle shaft speed of motor with dramatically reduced size. In some embodiment, motors that produce 500 horsepower (hp) may be replaced with motors able to produce less than 100 hp with similar wheel torques capabilities to move vehicle at similar speeds and less time of acceleration. In other embodiment, motors produce 250 hp may be replaced by motor able to produce less than 25 hp without loss if not improvement of vehicle movement capabilities. 

These technologies are being offered to you and other automobile manufacturers as a license, exclusive license, or an assignment at your discretion. The last two options provide you with the ability to gain additional licensing revenue from manufacturers of automobiles, as well as trucks and other means of transportation that rely on torque conversion between a power source and a wheel, rotor, or blade. 
A reply from your company of transportation or machine tools or heavy-duty equipment would be appreciated.

SECOND WAY is an elimination if not reduction of steam or heat sources in use by state-of-the-art mechanical system that turns generator. 
Modernization of power plant is patent pending. It is installed at existing power plant: (1) between turbine/motor and generator for using chosen smallest speed of turbine for reducing fossil fuel/water consumption, (2) between electric motor with battery is charged by renewal energy technology and turbine instead the boiler system for eliminating to use steam as force or cuts 100% of fossil fuel and water consumption.

We looking for any entity that has interest to invest making prototype and protection invention from other companies in the world. Please connect with offer.. Thanks.
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