US patent No. 8,011,274 disclosed above 1,000 multi-speeds gearbox apparatus designs. One provides: (1) to increase speeds number without additional gears number, (2) to cut up to 80%motor volume of excessive energy is added in motor, (3) to reduce                       motor cost and side, (4) to improve driving                                        safety by cutting  time of wheels changing speeds and stopping but they save time more on higher speed,     (5) to improve        city road traffics                                                                                                         
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 I have invented a revolutionary way to create propulsion design is based on the physics laws of lever and motion at the land, water, and air that have friction forces that push vehicle. The friction forces are basic for motor sizes calculation that was ignored when motor with interior acceleration system begun used at over 100 years ego. An elimination of acceleration system by state-of-the-art multi-speed gear-transmission with name gearbox apparatus with forced energy economy system (GAFEES) is advantages for both customer and manufacture; improves the environment by cutting additional or excessive energy to motor consumed standard volume, reducing motor size. 
For example, GAFEES of 144 forward/72 reverse with programmed automatic regime comprises one gear less than heavy-duty truck gearbox of 18 forward/2 reverse torques and uses the existing motor. Long haul tracking driver saves $25,000 per year by diesel economy in 2 times when GAFEES have replaced existing shift gearbox. Vehicle saves more energy if smaller motor have replaced existing motor.  

Other words, each state-of-the-art gearbox apparatus design has least number of gears and maybe shafts because gear ratios of at least two pair of gears on one independent shaft is unit are multiplied by other units of gear ratios. There is interested mathematical system when number of speeds is increasing but number of gears is reducing.  
Non-accelerated propulsion uses motor highest torque of idle speed permanently as it uses the  physical volume size in the all process of movement that reduces energy using, emissions, power, noise, cost of motor, and improves safety of driving. 
Other words, GAFEES is not works as brake to acceleration system that is eliminated and motor is not wastes additional energy as result of two opposite systems functions struggling. 
It also saves time of movement by cutting acceleration time of each speed using and improves maneuverability on road, off-roads, water, and air. 

There is brand new business is transformation of existing machine propulsion. It has TWO SERVICES and PRODUCTION of above 1,000 state-of-the-arts gearbox apparatuses with forced energy economy system (GAFEES) in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic regimes.
FIRST SERVICE provides to cut up to 80% mechanical energy is transformed to the motor heat form when additional gas or electromagnetic field to add to its physical volume for acceleration of vehicle or other machine weight when GAFEES is installed between motor and working organ. It produces all needed speeds by using only idle speed of existing motor physical volume energy.
SECOND SERVICE provides additional energy economy when existing motor is replaced by motor with smaller power up to 0.75 hp motor power that moved the first steel vehicle from stop at 1886 in Germany (Carl Benz’s patent #37435) is dependent to vehicle weight.

  My invention is granted by 41 exclusive claims in the U.S. Patents No. 8,011,274 at 09/06/11 and 7,191,676 at 03/20/2007 that solve also seventeen today’s power systems disadvantages:
1. Stops directly ignoring hard levers as is gear-transmission in propulsion to change speeds of movement by public and corporation using huge machines as locomotives, helicopters, propeller airplanes, ships, submarines, CNC machine tools, conveyer systems etc that huge motors joint with wheels or propellers, or spindles that emit directly or indirectly (at additional power plants) excessive emissions. 
2. Replaces two automatic transmissions of torque converter & continuous variable of lightweight vehicle work as clutches and brake to acceleration system of motor with excessive power. 
3. Replaces energy inefficient planetary and hydraulic transmissions that are used by heavy-duty equipment propulsion .
4. Calculation of the smallest motor power or size: vehicle is pushed by friction force between wheels and land or between propeller(s) and water/air according to Third Newton's law of physics in moving. It dependent to vehicle weight but it is NOT increasing if motor power is increasing. The minimum torque of non-accelerated propulsion motor equal force of friction by radius of vehicle wheel, where force of friction is its weight by coefficient of friction ( 0.7 on road).
5. Elimination of  the harmful gas - nitrate oxides (NOx) is created by motor interior temperature then 254 F and more that will not available at idle speed condition.
6. It increases speed of the fully loaded heavy- duty trucks that is limited by result of too much motor heat. 
7. It increases number of reverse speeds without additional number of gears.
8. Non-accelerated propulsion design of watercraft or aircraft opens opportunity to turn it around much quickly.
9. Some vehicles propulsion design open opportunity temporary use front wheels on uphill then rear wheels if it goes downhill for additional energy economy or 4 wheels uses by the same gearbox apparatus.
10. Business creates huge number of new high-paid jobs or new buyers that are base of machine selling and economy growth. 
11. Small business must pay unnecessarily high costs for CNC machine tools and their too much electricity consumptions.
Risk free technology has following results from a manufacture’s perspective: 
1. No competitors up to 2029 and will get new patents of machines.
2. The same machine tools, equipment and other items are used in the existing production.
3. Opens opportunity to reduce costs of propulsion by using smallest size of cheapest motor and cheapest GAFEES by using less number of gears and maybe shafts and replacing metal parts by non-metal material parts.
4. Reduces manufacturing costs of power systems are provide by less expensive state-of-the-art CNC machine tools that consume much less energy.
5. A great deal of money saving by using less gears and maybe shafts. For example, original complex design of multi-speed gear-transmission produces 272 forward/170 reverse overdrive speeds/torques with added only 2 shafts in comparison to existing heavy-duty truck gearbox that produces 18 /2 only torques.
History of machine building confirms the wrong way to develop motor that never consumes energy and saves it in the same time and to ignore the earth physics law of lever and inertia: 
Archimedes (circa 287-212) said: “Give me a point of support and I will turn around the Earth by a lever” more than two thousand years ago when nobody no known about shift gearbox design. Maybe Archimedes is not relevant? This can be easily examined. 1) First steel vehicle of Carl Benz has 0.75 hp engine power at January 29, 1886, patent #37435, Germany. 2) A shift gearbox apparatus of nine shafts increases the torque of power source or the revolution of engine shaft up to 5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5=390,625 times.
However the existing tradition is continue to focus only on the motor because the use of levers as shift gearbox is too unconventional and requires increasing number of high-paid jobs.
Conventional power systems of excessive prices needlessly waste too much energy. This was satisfactory when energy was inexpensive, less customers, lower technical level, education and human population, limited global communication. 
However, energy costs particularly have increased dramatically as are population, technical progress and internet communication. At 21st Century, extravagant energy and customer’s money waste are no longer.
The examples are for changing world or stop climate changing:
LIGHTWEIGHT VEHICLE: Non-accelerated SUV propulsion uses 20 hp motor with shaft highest torque is used by chosen GAFEES of 12 overdrive speeds and 6 reverse speeds by 13 gears/3 shafts. Driver reaches all needed speeds for 1-2 seconds. It reduces motor energy consumption in 550/20=27.5 times!!! Above 3,6 trillion barrels oil is saving in global according to about one billion global lightweight vehicles!!! 
HEAVY-DUTY TRUCK: Chosen GAEEF of 36 overdrive and 18 reverse speeds by 20 gears/5 shafts (in comparison to its 18 torques/2 reverse by 29 gears/4 shafts) reduces heavy-duty truck motor power from 400 hp to 50 hp. It increases energy economy in 400/100=4 times!!! 
PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: Existing cruise ship/locomotive with chosen GAEES of 64 torques/overdrive speeds and 32 reverse speeds by 22 gears/7 shafts that provide to reduce from 3000 hp to 500 hp for energy economy in 3000/500=6 times!!!

   Please contact me if you are interested in licensing the patents and desire a relationship with me to develop gearbox apparatus systems for existing vehicles, CNC machine tools, heavy-duty equipment and other power machines. I look forward to hearing from                
Please contact me if you are interested in licensing the USA patents and desire a relationship with TransUNImission, inc to develop gearbox apparatus systems for existing vehicles, CNC machine tools, heavy-duty equipment and other powered machines. I look forward to hearing from you​.
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